Friday, April 22, 2016

Walking Funny? Have A Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana Examine You To Get An Idea About Your Health

Have you ever noticed the way you walk? Has anyone ever commented on your gait stride? Do you feel that your style of walking is a bit funny? Did you ever felt anyone making fun of you because they believe you walk weird? Well, if you have answered any of these with a yes, then perhaps you do have a different way of walking which is making people comment on it or making you uncomfortable. Expert Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana says that you may walk differently because you might be suffering from some foot disorder or maybe the cause is something else related to the feet. Let us get into this factor to get a clearer head;

-          The Slow Walk: A few studies state that the people who walk slower tend to die earlier. Although a professional Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana would never say something like that to you, however, studies show that there is a slight possibility. This is one of the two possibilities for those who walk slower. The other one is Parkinson Disease. The can be identified though the shuffled gait of a person. Those who suffer from the disease find it hard to lift their own foot and take short, hesitant steps. 

-          The Short Stride: It’s all about maintaining your balance. When there is a good co-ordination between your proprioception system’s joint receptors and connective tissues with your visual and inner ear system, you will have a good balance. Those people who tend to be active have an excellent reception in the connective tissues, therefore have good balance. But those who don’t, especially the older people, they have problem maintaining balance. Another cause of body imbalance may be a disorder known as peripheral neuropathy nerve damage. This is related to vitamin deficiencies, diabetes or alcohol abuse. Joint injuries are also a cause of short strides.

-          A Bouncy Gait: No one likes to bounce around here and there. But often people do. Not because they are bouncing their way to work, but their gait makes them feel like they are doing so. The main reason behind such a gait is tight calf muscles. 

Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana says these are the kind of gaits that make people look weird and funny. But in real, they are not doing it on purpose. They may be suffering from some disorder or injury that needs to be addressed.

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