Monday, April 18, 2016

Foot Surgery Malpractice Claims Due To Lack Of Communication

Half of the medical malpractice claims that have been filed against foot doctors are because of improper performance during surgery. The Foot Surgery Malpractice claim by the victim states they weren’t handled properly whereas the actual case is something else. Patients have certain expectations in their minds regarding the outcome of the surgery. In most of the cases, the outcome is not the same as they hoped for. This makes them think that they were not taken care of during the surgery and thus the results were contradictory to their views and thoughts.  

In reality, the claims were partly related to all those risks that are involved in a surgery and these possibilities were disclosed to the patient prior to the procedure. The claims undermine the effectiveness of informed consent communications which are a great help for the patient in understanding all the possible risks that are involved in the surgical procedure. 

Communication is quite important for doctors as well as patients. If the doctors want to avoid Foot Surgery Malpractice lawsuits, they should inform the patients about all the possible risks involved in the procedure. This will give the patient a chance to think through before going under the knife. If the patient refuses to be operated later on, the risk and dangers will be totally his own concern. But if he says he wants the surgery then at least he will know what the procedure can lead to. 

Usually a doctor is not negligent during the surgery. The staff did not provide substandard care. In fact, everything went perfect except for the outcome, which was a product of the patient’s own expectations. The doctor had nothing to do with it. But since the desired results were not achieved, the patient thinks the doctor was negligent which lead to the current situation. 

Foot Surgery Malpractice lawsuits can cause trouble for both the patient as well as the doctor. Therefore, before the medical procedure, they both should discuss all the factors that are involved in the surgery. The doctor should inform the patient of each and every bit of detail regarding the dangers, possibilities, how much time it will take for the patient to recover, the medication that needs to be administered for recovery and so forth. When the patient will have all this information, he will have enough time to think about the procedure and how things might go. He can prepare himself for the surgery and not keep his expectations that high.

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