Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Podiatrist Crown Point Discussing Feet And Causes Of Pain In Various Parts

The human foot, as explained by Podiatrist Crown Point, is comprised of two crossing arches which are formed by 24 bones. As surprising as it may sound, but this is the number of bones a foot is composed of. A fibrous connective tissue known as the ligament holds together the bones of the foot. The foot muscles provide secondary support to the feet with the help of planter fascia, a tissue. The feet also consist of fat pads that help is supporting and bearing the entire weight of the body. These pads also help with absorbing impact. 

Normally when your feet are healthy and in good condition, you won’t experience any problem or pain. But when you do suffer from discomfort or pain that is a clear indication that something is wrong with your feet as explained by professional Podiatrist Crown Point. The expert further explains how these problems occur and when to help you get a better understanding. 

There are plenty of reasons for pain in the feet. From diseases, trauma to injuries, all these can contribute to pain and discomfort in the feet. Footwear also plays a key role in keeping your feet in good and healthy shape. But if your footwear is too tight or not right for your feel, definitely it will cause discomfort and pain. Heel is one of those types of footwear that causes the most problem and discomfort. For those who have to wear heels occasionally, they are not in as much trouble as the ones who wear them frequently. When there is a poor biochemical alignment in your feet that will also be a cause of pain. 

According to expert Podiatrist Crown Point, if you experience pain, discomfort and tenderness in any specific area of the feet for a long period, then you should have yourself examined from a professional foot doctor. Clearly, this is a sign that there is something wrong with your foot and/or feet. 

There can be many reasons for pain in your feet. You may have had a bad fall and might have hurt yourself pretty serious, a bone or two may be cracked, a teared muscle, perhaps a fracture. Sometimes, too much walking can also cause pain in the feet.

You can always read about certain foot problems and how to treat them. Having enough insight on these matters will help you easily identify the problem. But you should know that once you realize that there is some problem with your feet, you should definitely see a professional because only an expert will be able to help you with your problem effectively.

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