Friday, December 23, 2016

What is Podiatrist Malpractice?

Human body is very reactive and expressive when it comes to any negligence that is done to it. Sooner or later it gives out signs that get you to understand that something went wrong somewhere, no matter how deep down it would be.

If someone among you or your acquaintances have undergone any kind of foot or ankle surgery and is receiving warning sign from the aforementioned body parts then it is time to see a podiatrist. For instance, if you have post-surgery pains that are uncanny then yes it is can be a case of podiatrist malpractice.

Understanding your post-surgery condition:
You can differentiate between black from white because you know what white looks like. Similarly, if you want to know whether your surgery is a success you must know what happens in the case of podiatrist malpractice. Following are the questions to ask you after surgery:
·        Has your surgeon diagnosed and prescribed you effectively?
·        Have you recovered from the illness that was the cause of surgery?
·        Were the tests that were performed necessary and ample?
·        Did everything went ok during the surgery?
·        What is the recommended recovery duration in case of successful surgeries?
·        What are signs of recovery after surgery?

When to consider and look for podiatrist’s malpractice signs?
If the any or all the answers of the aforementioned questions are negative, unsatisfactory or complicated then you should take following steps:
Ø Get second opinion from another podiatrist
Ø Gather proof of malpractice and head to make him your witness for avoiding any embracing situation such as judge being accusing you of Prima Facie.

Inevitability of letting an expert witness handling your case of podiatrist malpractice:
Before filing a lawsuit in case of this kind of negligence on the part of your surgeon you should consider finding a credible and knowledgeable witness. Otherwise most probably you will not be able to plead your case in an effective manner. Your case will be dismissed as an attempt to pull out money from your surgeon’s pocket. Better get a witness and win your podiatrist malpractice case because it is your right.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Dealing With Foot Surgery Malpractices

Foot surgerymalpractice is quite prevalent in almost all hospitals all over the US. Surgeons are neglecting their duties and performing foot surgeries in a manner that is not beneficial for the patients. Over the last few years the number of such cases has dramatically risen. People are being forced to suffer at the hands of their doctors. The worst thing is that people don’t know about their rights. People don’t know that they have the right to sue their surgeons. People can easily get a huge refund on their sufferings if they have a good lawyer at their side. For this the best thing is to know as much as possible before you undergo a knee surgery.

One of the most common problems that require a foot surgery is bunion. Bunion is common in adults nowadays. There are many different reasons that can cause this problem in the human body. The main issue is that people can suffer from immense pain. Apart from the pain people also need to deal with a foot that looks really odd and deformed. People who have such feet lose their confidence, as this abnormality can easily be seen by anyone. Such people are unable to wear any good shoes because feet don’t fit into the shoes. So people are willing to undergo a surgery to get their feet back in shape.

In most of the cases this surgery is not so complex. The surgery is simple and it can easily be done by any doctor. Yet you need to do as much research as possible before undergoing a surgery. Last year it happened that one of my colleagues underwent such a surgery. His doctors didn’t close the stitches properly. As a result of which the cut for the surgery got infected. He had to undergo another surgery. When he got well he filed a suite for foot surgery malpractice as a result the hospital paid for the second surgery and refunded the amount for the first surgery that actually went wrong.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Podiatrist Malpractice – Is A Secret Settlement A Good Thing?

There are always two ways to settling a Podiatrist Malpractice case. Either both the parties come to terms and agree to a settlement outside the courthouse or the case goes on trial. Either ways, where there are good sides to the settlement, there are downsides as well. Cases that are settled outside the courthouse let you surpass all those troubles and worries you have to face during a trial. But then again, a settlement is mainly discreet and secretive which doesn’t sound as appealing as it may seem. 

When a Podiatrist Malpractice case goes on trial, the doctor or hospital being sued for negligence is at the risk of being exposed. They committed an act of negligence and now they are being trialed for it. Nonetheless, should they lose the case they will have to pay in millions as compensation for the wrong act they committed and for all the suffering the victim had to go through. Once a doctor is convicted of the act, people will lose faith in him and won’t go to him for treatment. Moreover, he will lose his reputation that he spent years building. But then there are chances the doctor can win the case if the victim doesn’t have a really strong backing and evidence to prove the medical caretaker’s wrong actions. If this happens, the doctor will be off the hook and won’t be punished for all the wrong acts he committed. The victim loses it all. 

Now let’s take a look at what happens when things are settled outside the house of law. When a doctor commits an act of negligence and he is informed that the victim is going to file a Podiatrist Malpractice lawsuit against him, the first thing the caretaker will want to do is settle everything secretively. Now why would he want to do that? Well, the point is simple and clear. He knows his reputation is on the line here. The risk of a trial will expose him to many other risks lurking in a lawsuit. His prior acts may be exposed. People will lose faith and trust in him. His entire medical career will go down the drain should he lose. But when the case is settled before it goes on trial, the doctor or hospital is very secretive about it and they don’t want people to know the wrongful act they committed. If the entire settlement is secretive, how will people know the wrong things the doctor did. Moreover, when the doctor hasn’t been punished for anything, he might do the same thing all over again. He might be negligent during his next case or commit a wrongful act that might harm his patient. How will that be stopped? 

Considering these factors, there are risks lurking in both a malpractice lawsuit as well as a secret settlement. But, something needs to be done either ways!