Monday, December 14, 2015

Podiatrist Malpractice – Failing To Make The Right Diagnose

We all dread going to a doctor or to the hospital for any purpose. The reasons can be many but the thought of going to the doctor makes you shiver. But then there are times when you are faced with a medical condition only a doctor can cure, and you have to make your way to his clinic or workplace for diagnosis. As much as getting a treatment is important, the most crucial factor is getting the right diagnosis for your medical condition. Things get ugly when your doctor fails to give you the correct diagnosis. An incorrect diagnosis means you won’t be getting the right treatment as a result of which something more serious can happen. In such a case, the doctor is liable for medical malpractice.

If you have had the same issue with your foot doctor, you can sue him under a PodiatristMalpractice lawsuit.

It is the duty of your foot doctor to make the correct diagnosis. In order to do that, the doctor needs to conduct some tests so get the favorable results. If he doesn’t, or if he is not able to make the right diagnose after a series of tests, it is an act of negligence on the doctor’s part and he can be held responsible for it. Law, in this matter, requires him to compensate the victim or his family.

Let us look into some of the most common errors or act of negligence the doctor makes;

  • -          Nearly every patient will have a medical history. On the basis of this history, the doctor, before making a diagnosis, needs to run a few screen tests. These tests are indicated on the basis of the prior history. Usually doctor’s fail to do so and make their own diagnosis which can be wrong.

  • -          Once the doctor examines the patient, he has perceived an idea in his head about what’s wrong with the patient. And even though he suggests a few tests, he still sticks to his grounds. If the doctor fails to ignore the results which might be indicating to something else and sticks to his gun, the doctor is committing an act of negligence and he can be sued by the victim for Podiatrist Malpractice.

  • -          When treatment begins, the patient responds to certain medications and some not. if the patient is not responding to a medication or treatment, the doctor needs to run tests periodically to see where the problem lies and how it can be fixed, what changes he needs to make to make things better and all. But mainly doctors don’t do that.

  • -          A patient may have a prior medical condition and the doctor attributes his illness to it without ensuring or checking for any new developments.

  • -          When the treatment begins, the doctor needs to run screening tests, laboratory tests and more to ensure things are going smoothly and well in the right direction. The patient’s condition is healing. But when the doctor does not, he is committing an act of negligence and a Podiatrist Malpractice for which he can be sued.

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