Monday, December 21, 2015

Let Podiatrist Crown Point Help You Get Rid Of Calluses And Corn Before The Heat

Now that winters will soon be over and the warm weather will arrive, you need to ensure that you tootsies are in excellent condition. After all, if you want to pull of the sexiest and hottest looks, you need to have your foot in good condition so that you can wear high heels to add an extra touch of hotness to your glamo look. Having said that, these days during the cold season, the feet might be facing problems like calluses and corn.  Add to it, discolored nails are also a part of this untidy and unpleasant look.

Now that you’re thinking of getting rid of these problems, you are on the right path to safety. Let the best and approved tips by Podiatrist Crown Point save the day for you. Before the sun begins to shine again, you need your feet to be perfect looking.

Your feet need moisture during the cold season. Before you hit the sack, treat your feet well to some moisturizer. Once you have slathered on the moisturizer on both feet, put on a nice pair of clean socks. Socks will be great for you as well as your room. With the amount of moisturizer you’ll be putting on your feet, it will only end up being all over your bedroom slippers, bathroom and not to mention your bedsheet. A cream that contains vitamin E is a good option. Or you can always go for the prescribed medication for corns.

Podiatrist Crown Point advice that if you wish to get rid of the calluses, you need to soak your feet in lukewarm water for nearly 30 minutes before you use a pumice stone. Make sure that the stone is sanitized. When the feet are soaked for 30 minutes, the calluses will soften making it easy for you to rub them off. When you will be treating your feet on your own, you will be gentle to your feet. If someone else might be doing it, and perhaps the wrong person for the job, then you will only end up having cuts on your feet as well as serious infections in some cases.

Podiatrist Crown Point says that your feet need to get rest as much as you can give them. Don’t keep on putting pressure on them all the time. Whenever you find the time to take the pressure off your feet, do it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you resting every now and then. You can buy some footwear or gel foot pads. Your feet need to feel comfortable as much as possible so they stay in good shape for the heat.

Improve on your walking will also help reduce the pressure as it will distribute the pressure evenly in both feet. 

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