Saturday, April 22, 2017

Podiatric malpractice can always be prevented

Medical professionals are expected to provide optimum healthcare facilities to the general public. Besides years of college education, healthcare professionals are trained in clinics to equip them with the skill and tactics needed to cater patients. Podiatry is a subdivision of medicine that is dedicated to addressing the problems of the lower limbs and its associated organs. Despite the quality of podiatrist education and years of clinical training, podiatrists have not been able to overcome podiatrist malpractice problems that have adversely affected the reputation of the profession.

Podiatrists, like other medical professionals, are prone to making mistakes that can cost their patients their health and wealth. At times, when a podiatric treatment goes wrong, the patient might never be able to live a normal life again owing to disability of the legs, ankles or feet. For this reason, people who are in need for podiatric attention shy away from going to a podiatrist. However, such malpractice can be avoided if the podiatrist and patient play their part correctly in alleviating the problem.

Some of the steps that can be taken to leave no room for podiatrist malpractice are:
·         The patient-podiatrist relationship should enhance the level of communication between the two to allow easy flow of information between the two. This will permit the podiatrist to understand the patient’s condition better and the podiatrist will be able to address the problem in a better manner.
·         The patient should not expect too much and too early from the podiatric treatment. The period of the treatment should be completed and the routine prescribed by the podiatrist should be followed strictly before making any claims of malpractice.

·         Podiatrist and patients should always consider taking second opinions from other podiatrists to help reinforce the trust in the suggested treatment plan and prevent podiatrist malpractice.

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