Monday, January 9, 2017

How Heels Can Damage Your Feet

Women like to wear high heels. Some moderate and some love to wear really high ones. For such women, the idea of shunning high heels and resorting to the comfortable ones as prescribed by Podiatrist Crown Point is an option they will never come to terms with, even if it’s the last option on earth for them. Many believe that heels, no matter how high they are, give the person a very fine, polished and finished look. They have become a part of their everyday life.

No matter which event you’re attending, be it a social gathering, a job interview, a wedding ceremony or even your own wedding for that matter, high heels will be the ultimate thing. In fact, it is considered that no gathering is complete without them. But there is a downside to high heels as stated by Podiatrist Crown Point. Feet are also a part of your body and they need to be taken care of. When you wear high heels, it virtually makes it challenging to look after the feet well. But still taking care of your feet is not impossible in such a case. It only gets harder.

This certainly does not mean that you should stop wearing heels at all. But if you are one of those women who wear high heels twice every week, you should consider following a few tips to wear shoes safely and in most matters quite comfortably.

It is vital for every woman to know what size her feet are, and the shape as well. Podiatrist Crown Point says that many people aren’t even aware of the fact that with aging, their feet can grow a bit, not too much, but a little. Without knowing this factor, they keep on wearing the same size shoes their entire life. Similarly, there are many women who don’t even realize that both their foot may be of a different size.

It doesn’t matter what shape your foot is, the important thing is that you know it well enough to wear the right shoes. Also, knowing the shape only helps in wearing the right heels. The best thing you can do in such a case is visit a foot doctor who will not only examine your feet and tell you how you should be looking after them. Also, the doctor will tell you the precise shape of your feet.

Also you should know that you need to wear the right heel. How the heel is made makes a huge difference. If the heel is thin, then it will add more pressure but those with a thicker platform will add less pressure. Also, when you have to wear high heel shoes for long, try to give your feet a break taking them off for a while. Stretch them a bit, relax them and put them on again. It won’t hurt your feet much.

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