Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Surgical Slip-ups that lead to podiatrist malpractice:

Let us understand following major cause of podiatrist malpractice.

Laxity leading to wrong site surgery:
In this kind of surgery surgeon wrongfully removes or severe any of the healthy organ or limbs of the patient due to his negligence. Patient’s health is compromised big time in this kind of case. Provided that you have details you can file a podiatrist malpractice case with all rights.
Unneeded surgery:
Inept and avaricious surgeons provoke and convince people to go for surgery in a case where it can be avoided. In these cases sometimes surgeons misdiagnose and sometimes their inhumanity and cruelty push them to the extent to misguide and portray the kind of situation in which you find more comfy in spending money on the procedure and going through all the pain instead of putting your life at risk.
Internal organs’ mutilation:
There are cases of negligence on the part of surgeons who due to their lack of focus and responsibility pierces, punctures following one or some of the following body parts of patient during surgery:
        Connective tissue
        Internal body part

Surgical apparatuses under the stitches:
According to a study published by Center of Disease Control every year almost 15,000 cases come into notice in which patients have utensils inside their body post-surgery. A patient who is victim of such a case has one or more of the following inside them.
        Surgical blades
Lack of sanitary measures leading to infections:
Surgeons need to stay very careful about their sanitation as their ruthless behavior in this matter can cause bacterial infections whose organs they are going to touch. Operation theaters have all kinds of bacteria and contaminations no matter how many measures are taken to disinfect it. The environment of an operation theater is in itself posing threat for the health of a patient who is going to be cut open. Keeping all this in mind surgeons should at least do their best to avoid being cause of any infection or complication. They should make sure they are sanitized for touching the surgical apparatuses. Unfortunately surgeons do not pay heed to such details and put the life of their patient at stake by infecting them. In this scenario  the patient has the right to file a case of podiatrist malpractice with the help of a skilled and experienced podiatrist witness.

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