Thursday, September 15, 2016

High Heels And Bunions - Foot Doctor

Some women really love to wear high heels. It makes them feel glamourous and fashionable. But sometimes, high heels can be really discomforting and can create significant foot problems if the person isn’t careful enough. Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana says one of the main problems that is caused by wearing high heels is bunions.

Although foot doctors are of the view that bunions are mainly a product of heredity but somehow, when you wear the wrong type of shoes, this factor can also be a cause of the problem.
High heels can be a cause of problems for a number of reasons. When you wear comfortable shoes, the pressure and weight is equally distributed throughout the foot. But same is not the case with heels. When you wear high heels, all the pressure and weight goes all the way down to the toes because of the unnatural angle. Also, most of these shoes have narrow ends or pointy toe boxes. The toe tips, because being sort of stuck, are squished together real bad. This factor can be a cause of bunions as stated by Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana.

To avoid bunions, if you haven’t inherited them, there are some precautionary measures that you can take. To begin with, wearing the right sized and shaped shoes is the way to go. Although you like wearing high heels, you need to realize that frequent use of these shoes can cause many foot problems including bunions. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t wear high heels at all, but you should not wear them that often as well. For some women, for instance, businesswomen, celebs or those ultra-fashionable ladies, anything other than high heels is simply not an option. For them, it seems like high heels are their requirement or ultimate survival. But what they do not realize is that if they do not stop them from wearing high heels all the time, they will face many foot problems in the later years says Foot Doctor Northwest Indiana.

We understand that there are some women who find it extremely hard to give up on heels. Well, if they can’t, they should at least be careful in the selection of high heeled shoes. Avoid getting those heels that a narrow ends. Instead, go for the ones that have wide ends and the toe box should be rounded instead of pointy. Also, the shoe should be your right size, it should fit you perfectly. When you wear high heels, make sure to rest your feet as much as possible and wherever possible. Take the shoes off whenever you find the time.

Upon formation of bunions or any sign or symptom, you should visit your nearest foot doctor to treat the problem.

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