Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Podiatrist Malpractice And Preventions of Malpractice

Podiatrist Malpractice begins when a professional physician involves into fraudulent and wrong acts. A physician is one who treats the medical problems of patients and therefore patients are dependent on that physician for their medical problems. But if that podiatrist i.e. foot physician involves in wrong medical practice, it will cause severe harm to the patient and the treatment of a problem will go wrong. Malpractice is the term which collectively explains the all erroneous in medical practice including misguidance, wrong medication, invalid physical treatment, misbehavior, wrong surgical practice etc. 

Many patients may have been the victim of Malpractice; such patients should take action against this act. Patients, who do not bother about their health, do not bother about their physician’s mistakes which may result into many problems caused by Podiatrist Malpractice. The involvement of a Podiatrist in Malpractice indicates the irresponsibility and carelessness of him towards his profession. It is very shameful act by a podiatrist to deceive his patients. Such shameful acts ruin the respect of a Podiatrist in a society thus damaging the trust of people. 

A number of cases show that many patients protest against Podiatrist Malpractice only in his clinic and do not file a case against him. No doubt it is difficult to file a case against your doctor but it is the matter of your life and health. It is necessary to protest against malpractice of physician because his wrong act is the base of destruction of health of a society. If a podiatrist involves in malpractice, many patients will suffer because a fraud physician diagnoses wrong, give wrong medication and wrong advice. Such acts may result in the complete loss of health, sometimes in the loss of a whole body part. 

When a Podiatrist prescribes the obsolete medicine just because he is getting paid from the pharmaceutical company, then it is a type of Malpractice. If a podiatrist suggest the surgery when there is no need of surgery then patient have right to protest against this act. The involvement of a podiatrist in selling of body parts just for money, it comes under criminal practice and it is also a type of podiatrist malpractice. If a podiatrist misbehaves with patient just because the patient is asking for the right treatment, then podiatrist should be restricted from practicing because carelessness, misbehavior and disrespect don’t suits to a doctor. 

The prevention of Malpractice can be possible only if people take some action against frauds. Your few words of protest may prove to be a security of other’s life and health. People should have awareness about their rights. The best way to prevent podiatrist malpractice is to file a case against that specific podiatrist. Then choose a good attorney who can fight your case against that podiatrist. Remember, raising voice against physicians malpractice is your right and if you do not use this right, whole society will suffer.

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