Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Podiatrist Malpractice – The Where and When Of Malpractices

Podiatry malpractice is becoming quite common these days. It’s not because the doctors have become negligent or they are acting outside the line, but the medical professionals are humans and they can make silly mistakes like other human beings. However, considering the nature of their profession, their wealth of knowledge and experience, they are expected nothing short than the best, which is how every doctor needs to perform. Only then can the patients develop a bond of trust and reliability with their podiatrists. But even so, the fact cannot be ignored that every now and then a podiatrist malpractice case is being filed by a victim patient who has been wronged and now seeks compensation. 

There are many three phases when errors can occur by the doctor. The first one being before the surgery when the doctors diagnose the medical condition and prescribe a treatment. The second can be during the medical procedure, treatment and/or surgery and the third one is post-surgery, during the healing process.
The first part is the most crucial of all parts because if the doctor is not able to give an accurate diagnosis, then the whole medical procedure will be wrong. The patient can be administered wrong medication, or wrongfully go under the knife or the likes. If the foot doctor is not able to correctly identify the problem, he should be sued under a Podiatry malpractice case. Also, if there is any miscommunication between the doctor and the patient, things can go wrong. The doctor needs to voice out all the risk factors and possibilities and the patient needs to voice out his concerns. A doctor should tell the patient and his family all the possibilities that the victim can face during or after the surgery so they can take into account every single factor and then take the decision. If the patient is not willing to go for a surgery and the doctor forces him to do so, and in the course of the surgery something goes wrong, the doctor will be in grave danger. 

During the surgery, many things can go wrong. The doctor may operate the wrong leg, he may further damage a nerve, tissue or muscle during the operation, the doctor may mistakenly leave a tool in the patient or he might sew incorrectly. A foot doctor has years of experience, and if he does such a thing, there’s no point in going to such a doctor who can be negligent this way. 

After the surgery, when the patient is under the healing process, he needs to be taken care of well. He should receive his medicines on time, he should be checked regularly, and his dressing should be changed. All these duties fall under the doctor and his medical staff’s responsibility. But a lack of care can make the wounds go bad. So if you face any of these problems, you can file a Podiatry malpractice case against the doctor himself.

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