Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Foot Surgery Malpractice – Different Cases But Similar Causes

Technology has paved way for much advancement, even in the field of medicines. Regardless of these advancements, a medical surgeon can still make mistakes during a medical surgery. These mistakes can be due to negligence, failure to follow the standard of care, inattention or in some cases, it was unintentional. In any way, the doctor failed to abide by the rules set by the medical association; rules that are meant to benefit the patient in very way. But one thing major surgeries or Foot Surgery Malpractice cases have in common is the patients get hurt or damaged, and in some cases, die due to the negligence. 

This is solely the doctor’s fault because he failed in providing adequate treatment and care which led to such fatal consequences. The doctor was not attentive enough to figure out where the situation was heading, or he simply failed to do his job properly. 

Over and over, you will get to hear the same thing going on everywhere. Foot Surgery Malpractice cases have one thing in common; either the patient bleeds to death because the doctor did not sew the wound properly, or far worse because of infection. Similar, if a patient has to go under the knife several times because the doctor was negligent enough to leave a tool in the body, or he made a silly mistake by operating the wrong part of the foot and so on. These mistakes cost the patient and his family, not the medical expert. And what’s left for the victim, a lifetime of misery, pain and suffering, and in some cases even worse, eternal sleep.

In this age of advance technology, all of this suffering is somehow inexcusable. To make the situation even worse, the doctor has this code of silence. The doctor will never let the patient’s family know that he committed a mistake during the surgery. Moreover, the Arkansas does the same. They have this conspiracy of silence that does the real damage. Many times, a Foot Surgery Malpractice is quite obvious. You can see that the doctor conducted the surgery on the wrong part, or sewed it incorrectly. But then there are those not so obvious situations like a tool left inside. What can a victim do at times like this? 

The doctor has to be truthful in this matter. If he has committed a mistake, he needs to voice it out to the victim or the family. But he never does that. And the victim, in this regard, has to file a lawsuit against his doctor for this wrong doing. Thus the long and complicated battle begins, which can be tiring, exhausting and will take a lot of time before the actual verdict.

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